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The Work of SULKIN STUDIO reaches for an authentic and individualized response to the objectives of each of our Clients, as well as to the opportunities presented by their particular projects. There are no preconceptions or assumptions about "style". Instead, a specific "fit" between the possibilities and the practicalities is crafted.


Our familiarity with technology, environmental issues, fine arts, safety and building performance imperatives, and budget analysis, has grown over the thirty years of our practice. This experience is combined with the Clients' specific goals for each project; enabling them to become engaged and effective creative partners.


The underlying idea or "persona", which organizes a design, is defined collaboratively Fine-art derived solutions are combined with the available and most appropriate construction techniques which will comprise the finished Work. All aspects of the research, design, and construction process, are continuously tested for this "fit"; to the relevant creative potentials and the necessary practicalities of the Work.

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